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Bystanders who perform CPR more than double chances of survival
by Lisa Greene on Thursday June 8, 2017
Ready to learn more about CPR? #SouthernHearts had a Twitter chat just for you

Every year in the U.S., somewhere between 325,000 and 600,000 hearts stop beating.

But if someone witnesses this event and starts CPR, they can double or even triple the chances of survival.

What if this happened to your friend or loved one? Would you be ready to help?

That's why this is the most important thing to do about CPR: anyone can do it.

On Wednesday, chapters of the American Heart Association all over the Southeast joined forces for the #SouthernHearts Twitter chat. @TGHCares participated as well, offering the expertise of Dr. Benjamin Mackie, cardiologist with Tampa General Medical Group.

Here are the highlights:

Here's Question #5:

Here's question #6:

Question #6, part two: How do I know if I'm performing CPR correctly?

Question #7:

Question 8:

Question 9: