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Financial Assistance Information (Charity and Discounted Care) Programs

Tampa General Hospital provides necessary medical care regardless of a patient’s ability to pay for services.  We participate in all government sponsored programs that are available to help patients pay for healthcare services.  Patients, who are admitted and are uninsured or underinsured, may qualify for financial assistance or charity care. Uninsured patients are given these guidelines and an estimate of charges upon inquiry, prior to admission. (Florida Statutes Section 395.301(7) & (8)).

Qualifying for assistance is based upon the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines. Our Financial Counseling staff is available to assist patients throughout the qualifying process.  The following guidelines are used to determine the amount of financial assistance a patient receives. A patient’s assets and medical expenses are taken into consideration when determining the level of assistance. Patients will be asked to provide information to the Tampa General Hospital financial counselors in order to determine eligibility for financial assistance or charity care.

Charity: You will not be billed if your income is between 0 and 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).  Charity eligibility will be considered for six months from the date of eligibility.
Charity Catastrophic: You will not be billed if your income is under 400% FPL and your hospital charges are greater than 25% of your annual income.
Uninsured Discount Tier 1: If your annual income is between 200 and 400% of the FPL, what you owe will be equivalent to what we would expect to receive from an average Medicare or managed care insurance plan.
Uninsured Discount Tier 2: If your annual income is over 400% of the FPL, what you owe will be equivalent to 115% of what we would expect to receive from the average Medicare or managed care insurance plan.

Financial assistance will not apply to the following services or patient responsibilities:

  • Cosmetic procedures that are not medically necessary
  • Co-payments and deductible amounts
  • Balances payable by other insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, automobile insurance, worker’s compensation, or liability insurance)
  • Ventricular Assist Devices
  • Transplants
  • Elective procedures for patients residing outside Hillsborough County, Florida

Willfully providing false information with the intent to defraud a hospital for the purpose of obtaining goods or services constitutes a misdemeanor in the second degree and punishable as provided in Florida Statutes Section 817.50.  If you fail to provide required documentation, you may be disqualified from participating in TGH’s Financial Assistance Program. 

For further information, please call our Financial Assistance Specialist at (813) 844-8084 or e-mail

Financial Assistance Forms & Policies

Click here to access the Application for Assistance with Hospital Expenses

Click here to view the Financial Assistance & Charity Care Policy – last updated 1/7/19

Click here to view the Emergency Medical Care Policy

Spanish-speaking patients:
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