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Heart Failure Symptoms

Heart failure symptoms are generally the result of either a lack of blood or a buildup of fluid in a particular area of the body. Heart failure can occurs due to the inability of the left side of the heart to adequately receive oxygenated blood from the lungs and push it out to be distributed through the body, or due to the inability of the right side to properly send blood through the lungs to receive oxygen. Both of these can lead to oxygenated blood not reaching the rest of the body and deoxygenated blood backing up in the veins and body tissues. When this happens, immediate medical attention is required.

Some of the common heart failure symptoms include:

  • Chronic wheezing or coughing with blood-tinged phlegm
  • Fatigue or lightheadedness
  • Confusion or difficulty thinking straight
  • Edema, which is a buildup of excess fluid in body tissues, usually swelling in the feet, ankles, legs, or abdomen
  • Nausea or lack of appetite
  • Increased heart rate
  • Dyspnea, which is an unusual shortness of breath or breathlessness

Heart failure accredited sealAnyone who has any of these heart failure symptoms should see a medical professional for a diagnosis and treatment. At Tampa General Hospital, our experienced team of cardiologists is well trained to treat heart failure and other cardiac conditions using state-of-the-art equipment. Also, in 2017, TGH was one of only 12 hospitals in the state of Florida – and the only one in Hillsborough County – to receive full accreditation for heart failure treatment and care from the American College of Cardiology Accreditation Service.

To be referred to a specialist with Tampa General Hospital, please visit our online PhysicianFinder or call 1-800-822-DOCS (3627).